Why Us? There’s much more to it than just truly quick servers. Here’s 10 with the numerous factors to decide on HertzHosting as your web hosting provider.

We're never closeWe’re never close!

We never leave, and the lights are never off. We are 100% accurate 24/7/365 business. Call us at 3:00am New Year’s Day – we’ll be here


We talk on phoneWe talk on phone

Our typical maintain time for technical help is less than 2 minutes.


We're cheapWe’re cheap

Whenever you think about the details – Whenever you add up all the functions – We provide much more worth than any other competitor. Occasionally you need to think beyond the value and think about all issues like high quality, uptime, help and then functions. There’s a price to “cheap web hosting” – don’t let it burn you.


We employ best resourcesWe employ best resources

The expertise runs deep inside our group. This implies an excellent web hosting experience for you personally. Although operating at HertzHosting might be fantastic, interviewing isn’t all that fun. Our on-site (no guide, no google) written competency tests take roughly 2 hours to finish (yes, we’ll provide you with a Red Bull). Merely, we discover, employ and practice the most talented people feasible and we operate tough to maintain them.


We’re here since more than 10 yearsWe’re here since more than 10 years

We’ve been within the web hosting company for more than  a decade (in “internet years” that’s some thing like 30 years!). We’re not “fly by night” – we’re not going anywhere.


Internet needed a new web hosting companyInternet needed a new web hosting company

Back in 2008; we invented a new technology that could handle heavy server loads without costly configuration. Call us now for more details!


Top tier networkTop tier network centers

Our network centers supply come up with the highest degree style and engineering functions accessible within the globe; enhancing uptime, safety, cooling and energy redundancy requirements of most other web hosting amenities.


World’s best designersWorld’s best designers

World’s bestest and most creative designers rely on HertzHosting for their digital content!


Cutting edge technologyCutting edge technology

HertzHosting has always been amongst the first few companies who are always implementing new technologies.


We’re problem solversWe’re problem solvers

Relating to complicated problems, web hosting companies sometimes encounter issues. When an incident suddenly occurs inside our network that affects your web sites, we instantly rise towards the problem and supply transparent standing updates in real-time via our custom-built incident manager.